Success Stories on Climate-Smart Agriculture

This booklet showcases ten examples of successful climate-smart systems that demonstrate the diversity of potential options across different regions and agricultural systems, as well as how these options intersect with the topics of biodiversity and gender.

Read the booklet from the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook launched in 2013 by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).


  1. Preserving the Agro-forestry system on Mount Kilimanjaro
  2. Sustainable grazing for better livelihoods in China
  3. Climate-smart agriculture for smallholder farmers in Kenya and Tanzania
  4. Andean agriculture: the importance of genetic diversity
  5. Climate-smart agriculture: a readiness project in Malawi, Vietnam & Zambia
  6. A landscape approach for policy making, planning, and monitoring in the Kagera River Basin
  7. Ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture for food security in Nicaragua
  8. Promoting the development of urea deep placement in Nigeria through South/South cooperation
  9. Developing capacity to understand & address the gender dimensions of climate change and agriculture in India
  10. Livestock waste management in East Asia

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