Glaciers in Pakistan’s high mountains have more ice than anywhere outside the world’s polar regions. Many of the country’s 5,000 glaciers are now melting at a much faster rate due to increased temperatures in the mountain valleys.
As glacial floods become more common and more hazardous in northern Pakistan, the Green Climate Fund agrees to finance a five-year risk reduction project to protect local communities.
In 2011, the Bagrote valley was selected as a site for a pilot project to reduce the risks of glacial lake flooding. The USD 7.6 million project, which was completed over four years, was one of the first initiatives funded by the UN-backed Adaptation Fund.
But a major criticism of the project is that women in this conservative valley were not involved in the awareness trainings as actively as men. “There is a strict purdah system here, all the active members of the Dubani Development Organisation are male,” says one villager who wished to remain anonymous. “The project needs to sensitise the women as well, as they make all the decisions in the households.” Read More

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