Religion, Culture and Ecological Crisis

Religion, Culture and Ecological Crisis looks at contemporary religious and secular thinkers’ responses to the ecological crisis and their proposals for the way(s) forward.


As the crisis of global civilization deepens, the challenges of social justice and climate change become central. The arena of religions, spiritualities and cultures could play a crucial role in confronting these crises because they are largely responsible for shaping our values, perceptions, and action priorities. If these areas are found inadequate or wanting, we are greatly hindered in dealing with these formidable challenges. Einstein put it succinctly when he said that we cannot solve a problem with the same kind of consciousness that created it in the first place.

In this book, some of the finest religious and cultural thinkers have grappled with our contemporary ecological challenges. They propose affirmative responses from different faith traditions, arguing that a change of consciousness is urgently needed, and that religions and cultures are up to the task. Apart from the path-breaking essays offered by religious thinkers, the book also approaches sustainable futures from a purely secular perspective, informing us once again that the sacred and the secular are complementary and not antagonistic.

Edited by: Siddhartha
Language: English
Year of publication: 2015

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