This magazine is a compilation of articles written and published by eight freelance writers from the three South Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the awareness campaign on climate justice during the programme year 2012-13.

These stories and articles are aimed at putting into place effective adaptation measures, particularly in the context of the rural poor who rightfully deserve a consideration for climate justice. Available languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada.

Articles in this compilation include:

  1. Borewells that drain groundwater by M.N. Kulkarni
  2. Sustaining through drought and beyond by Anitha Pailoor
  3. Disappearing flora, tradition, culture, vocation and language with climate change by Poornaprajna Belur
  4. Forest communities, climate and ecosystems-Conflicting reciprocities by Ranjith Kavumkara
  5. Unscientific development practices and its adverse impact on local environment by Maju Puthenkandam
  6. Rivers where boats ply no more by Maju Puthenkandam
  7. The burning sea and the vanishing coast by Oamjie John
  8. Virtual water – the blue gold by Nakkeeran
  9. Climatic changes due to urbanisation and deforestation by Renuga Kasi

Published by Pipal Tree, Bangalore in March 2014

Download: English ~ Malayalam ~ Tamil ~ Kannada

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