50.4 million trees were planted in just 24 hours by 800,000 volunteers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh as part of a reforestation initative. This beat the previous world record of 847,275 trees planted in Pakistan in 2013. The ultimate aim is 33% forest cover.

More than 80 different species of sapling were raised at local nurseries and planted at over 6,000 locations across the state in 2016. The mass planting is part of a multi billion dollar reforestation programme put in motion by the Indian government as a strategy  to tackle climate change. The effort is part of the commitments made during the Paris Climate Conference in 2015 where India agreed to spend $6 billion to regrow forests on 12% of the country’s land and bring total forest cover up to 29%.

Trees are known to remove pollutants from the air in addition to converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. There is also evidence that urban trees can reduce power consumption by shading buildings in summer, and blocking cold winds in the winter. It’s hoped that the trees will improve the country’s air quality where according to a recent study by the World Health Organization, six of the 10 most polluted cities on Earth exist.  Read More

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