As unprecedented variation in climatic pattern in recent decades has pushed farming community into unchartered territory farmers in most part of Nepal fail to grasp the cause of that change and are left baffled as to how to respond.

Agriculture being mostly rain-fed in Nepalese context is sensitive to even a slightest change in the weather pattern. While the effects on agriculture are not so dramatic at this stage, the trend  observed in recent years suggests that climate change could ravage food sector adding to the plight of already food deficit country.

 Abnormal climatic patterns like shift in monsoon, decreasing monsoon duration, uneven distribution of rainfall, drying up of rivers, extreme weather events like drought and floods, etc., brought about by human-induced climate change has become the new normal.
Moreover, shifting of climatic zones in the country, extinction of indigenous basmati rice varieties, some local wheat, maize and other agricultural crops and increased incidence of disease and pest outbreak has been likened to the effect of climate change.
Unfortunately, most of the small holder resource poor farmers in rural part of Nepal are bearing the brunt of climate change. Lack of proper irrigation facilities and appropriate technologies, paucity of quality inputs, and lack of timely availability of inputs among other problems have further compounded the impacts of climate change in these regions.
“The monsoon has become unpredictable, it rains during unusual time of year and uneven distribution of rainfall has caused heavy crop failure”. While farming has evolved through generations and farmers have contrived to adjust to minor external stimuli, farming in such rapidly changing circumstances has become a big gamble for farmers like Mohan.
Sustainable soil and water management practices and the introduction of plastic ponds to store rainwater are also key to build more climate resilient agriculture for resource poor farmers. Read More

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