Leafy brinjal; Women’s tradition of heterogeneous seed conservation

There is a prevailing tradition among women farmers of the country to conserve rare and diverse varieties of plants in accordance with their food recipe culture. The leafy brinjal (eggplant) is one such rare variety belonging to this women’s tradition of conservation. The socio-cultural trend had got evolved with the process of adaptability to fluctuations…

Climate Change and Grassroots Adaptation Process

Climate Change and Grassroots Adaptation Process

“Climate Change and Grassroots Adaptation Process” describes case studies carried out in five distinct ecosystems in India. These studies sought to use communities’ knowledge and skills to identify alternative options for livelihood adaptation in the face of changing weather and socioeconomic conditions, therefore reducing vulnerability to longer-term climate change.

Photo by Latha Nagarajan

Moving towards the local and the regional

The concept of Swadeshi, as stated by Gandhi, is that self-sufficiency in food at the local and regional levels can ensure food sovereignty.

Siddhartha explains that the cultivation of millets, practicing mixed cropping and making use of the public distribution system’s warehouses can consolidate sustainability. Furthermore, trading of surpluses between villages and towns can enhance the economic viability of the rural community. Efforts to improve livelihoods by utilizing compost and traditional crops would also ensure stability.