valuing underutilised crops

Valuing Underutilised Crops

Visit this link to read the June 2016 LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture) India magazine issue on valuing underutilised crops. This issue features articles on the topics of: Valuing underutilised crops Achieving self sufficiency in pulse production Uncultivated foods Climate smart crops Traditional crops Enhancing crop diversity Yams on terrace walls Valuing un-cultivated foods…

Tubers; nature farming by children of the forest

Heggada devanakote is a biologically bountiful ecosystem surrounded by the forests of Nagarahole and Bandipur. The lush forest is inhabited with diverse tribal cultures such as the Jenu kuruba, Yaravqa, Betta kuruba and Soliga aboriginal communities. These aboriginal tribal communities have been living and completely relying on the forest. It was a symbiotic association of…

Green Development Agenda (Manifesto) for Kerala

Green Development Agenda (Manifesto) for Kerala

In March 2016, the Kerala Paristhithi Aikyavedi, an umbrella organisation of environmental groups in the State, released a green development agenda for political parties to incorporate into their manifesto for the elections to the Assembly. Aikyavedi leaders V.S. Vijayan, R. Sridhar and S. Usha said the green agenda was aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of the State. Source: The Hindu.