Rural Community Leaders Combatting Climate Change

This article from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change tells the story of how Indian NGO Swayam Shikshan Prayog has created a network of 1,100 women entrepreneurs across India who are promoting clean energy through a complete “ecosystem” approach. Most rural households in India rely on polluting energy sources like firewood and kerosene for their…

Honey with coffee reinforces climate resilience

Honey with coffee reinforces climate resilience

While honey can sweeten coffee for the drinker, coffee farmers of Kodagu district of Karnataka are realising that raising bees for honey in their farms can sweeten their economic returns. It is one of the innovative methods being tried out in the district to provide additional financial incentives to coffee farmers to conserve the landscape they have inherited. This, in turn, can strengthen climate resilience and improve the water flow into the Cauvery. Writes S. Gopikrishna Warrier for India Climate Dialogue.

valuing underutilised crops

Valuing Underutilised Crops

Visit this link to read the June 2016 LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture) India magazine issue on valuing underutilised crops. This issue features articles on the topics of: Valuing underutilised crops Achieving self sufficiency in pulse production Uncultivated foods Climate smart crops Traditional crops Enhancing crop diversity Yams on terrace walls Valuing un-cultivated foods…