The Multiverse Story and Our Common Humanity

At Fireflies Ashram I tell visitors that the Earth is our mother. If you ask any villager around she will not hesitate to say that the earth is ‘Bhoomi Thai’ or ‘Mother Earth’. People have learnt over millennia that it is the earth that feeds them, like a good mother would. Modern science confirms what the villagers have sensed intuitively, that all human beings emerged from the planet Earth over billions of years. This same earth that we today refer to as real estate, resource, mineral, and a commodity to be bought and sold on the market! It is an utter tragedy that we have lost the sense of the earth as our first mother. The earth is no longer sacred, as a mother would be. With the loss of sacredness there is little motivation to stop the aggressive exploitation and shaming of the earth.

Why Millets Matter

This short film (English) explores how industrial agriculture, which relies on water-intensive hybrid crops, has contributed to the loss of biodiversity and exacerbated climate change. Millet plays a crucial role in the food security of the rural and tribal communities of India. A wide range of hardy, rain-fed millet provides nutrition to the rural poor.…

2018 Fireflies Dialogues – Dialogue, Negotiation & Reconciliation

The 2018 edition of the Fireflies Dialogues, focusing on Dialogue, Negotiation & Reconciliation, will be held from 8-11 February, 2018 at Fireflies Intercultural Centre in Bangalore, India. The Fireflies Dialogues happen yearly through Pipal Tree’s Meeting Rivers programme (Bangalore, India) and Dialogues en Humanité (Lyon, France). The Dialogues create opportunities for thinkers, artists, activists, students, journalists, policy makers, bureaucrats, scholars,…

Farmers’ Conclave: Sustainable Livelihoods in Dryland Regions

Dear Friend, Greetings from Pipal Tree, Bangalore! Pipal Tree, in collaboration with Sahaja Samrudha, is hosting a get-together of farmers from the dry-land regions of India from 18-20 December 2017 at Fireflies Intercultural Centre, Bangalore. This get-together of farmers is aimed at sharing best innovative and traditional practices in dry-land farming and allied activities, identifying issues and challenges…


‘URAVU’ is a thought-provoking portrayal of the contradiction that exists in the abuse of water in urban capitalist spaces at a time when its scarcity haunts poor rural households. By following a day in the life of a poor village woman working at a mall in the city, the film highlights the wastefulness of a scarce resource by the rich when the poor continue to endure great suffering.