Climate Change Adaptation In Bhutan’s Renewable Natural Resources Sector

Bhutan’s development is highly dependent on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, hydropower and forestry. Considering the change in weather pattern and the probable threat to people’s livelihoods and the rural economy, the Government has initiated steps to enhance resilience of Bhutan’s rural households against the effects of climate change. It is intended to ensure climate change…

New Variety Of Chickpea Helps Bangladeshi Farmers Fight Climate Change

Chickpea is one of the most important pulse crops in Bangladesh based on consumption. The domestic demand for chickpea exceeds the local supply and the deficit is met through imports. Heat stress, identified as one of the major constraints to chickpea production in Bangladesh, adversely affects pollen viability, pod set and grain yield. Developed by ICRISAT…

What Bhutanese Hazelnuts Tell Us About Using Data For Good

Mountain Hazelnuts, Bhutan’s only 100% foreign invested company, supports 10,000 hazelnut farmers where they are carefully selected to ensure productivity, maximize social and environmental benefits, such as vulnerable households, or reducing land erosion. The whole system of support, monitoring, and optimization live on a carefully crafted data platform that feeds information to and from the farmers, the…

Climate impacts hit 750 million South Asians over 10 years

Almost 750 million people in South Asia were affected by floods, droughts, extreme rainfall, heat waves and sea-level rise — all impacts of climate change or worsened by it — in the first decade of this millennium, according to new research by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). Read the full story on the India Climate Dialogue website.

On Front Line Of Climate Change As Maldives Fights Rising Seas

Severe effects of climate change had bleached the corals and denuded Maldives’ land mass. President Abdulla Yameen has shown immense fortitude in reclaiming its beaches and shores. This has rejuvenated hope and rekindled its pristine beauty. However, environmentalists are calling for a holistic view to be adapted in the course to this reclamation. Read More