the great derangement

Book Review: The Great Derangement, by Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh makes a profound statement in his book The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable, proclaiming that individual action is not sufficient to deal with climate change. It needs collective effort, for which writers of fiction must write about climate change so that it becomes as much of a backdrop as war has traditionally been in fiction. Book review by S. Gopikrishna Warrier for FRONTLINE

valuing underutilised crops

Valuing Underutilised Crops

Visit this link to read the June 2016 LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture) India magazine issue on valuing underutilised crops. This issue features articles on the topics of: Valuing underutilised crops Achieving self sufficiency in pulse production Uncultivated foods Climate smart crops Traditional crops Enhancing crop diversity Yams on terrace walls Valuing un-cultivated foods…

Green Development Agenda (Manifesto) for Kerala

Green Development Agenda (Manifesto) for Kerala

In March 2016, the Kerala Paristhithi Aikyavedi, an umbrella organisation of environmental groups in the State, released a green development agenda for political parties to incorporate into their manifesto for the elections to the Assembly. Aikyavedi leaders V.S. Vijayan, R. Sridhar and S. Usha said the green agenda was aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of the State. Source: The Hindu.

Mining and Climate Change, as Experienced in Ambalavayal

Ambalayal in Wayanad with its rich biological heritage is on the brink of becoming an environmental disaster. Unprecedented mindless granite quarrying has denuded the land, skewered rainfall patterns and destroyed its pristine heritage. Court Orders have been ignored and licenses for mining have been given to vested interests. An affirmative cursory survey report  without taking into account micro-climatic changes and expert opinions, have stymied all efforts made by activists and local people. CKM Nabeel‘s plea for environmental justice is lost in the cacophony of aggrandizement and greed.

Story of a Wetland

Kerala’s Kadalundi, a picturesque wetland with its mangrove forests, has kept the climate evenly balanced in the region. The nourishing ground water has been a  haven for breeding fish and frogs. They stood as a bulwark against the tsunami. Jamsheena Mullapatt in her essay says that the unique culture with its fauna and fauna is now on the brink of destruction with declining rainfall, dumping of plastic and bio waste and rise in mercury levels.